Based in the Greater Houston area ADVANTAGE Bucket Services, LLC facilitates high, over-sized load transport for industrial, mechanical, other companies that need roadways cleared of overhead structures. We service the 48 contiguous United States and our location allows us to service both the east and west coasts.

We maintain an impeccable safety record and stay committed to providing systematic and safe transport facilitation.

Transporting an oversized/high load is a complex procedure that involves preparing a number of technical and logistical elements before you even start. Knowing how to deal with the legal considerations, permits and the technical challenges of transporting a heavy load is critical to having a successful oversized load journey.

The United States sees more than 3.5 million oversized/high load per year. Because of this, some states require that certain oversize loads have certified Pilot/Escort Vehicle Operators (P/EVO) in order to protect both the public and the oversize transport. The purpose of a P/EVO is to safely escort an oversize/overweight load from its starting location to its destination without damaging the load, motorists, highways, roads, control devices, signs, wires, cables or property.

If you must transport an oversized or high load, you want a company that has a successful track record. ADVANTAGE Bucket Truck Services is that company. We have an excellent track record and a commitment to safety and systematic service.